We can make your expatriates feel and live comfortable in Ankara, with our various services. Family can learn about the place that they are going to be moving to, then the less uncertainty and the less stress they will experience, high quality information can create a positive approach to an otherwise possibly unpopular move.


  • Our long experience as a home search specialist has confirmed our view that each and every move has different requirements.
  • Schools appointments and information for the families with children.
  • General orientation; about all city and depending their needs.
  • You can produce your own individual relocation program.
  • Our company will supply all kind of information to the expatriate about living in Ankara in all aspects.
  • Helping all utulities services
  • Arranging a long term car rental services



Housing service will be arranged depending on the primary preferences of the expatriates. Our company, real estate section will show them all the available rental places in our listing and if it is required, we arrange appointments with the other agencies to find an apartment which meets expectations of expatriates. The lease agreement will be prepared by our company .


Our company provides variety of furniture for rent or for sale if the expatriate request. DETA can provide a furniture leasing services for the expatriates, after they moved into the apartment if requested. Full house furniture lease for three bedroom apartments… USD 600-800/month – minimum 6 months Full house furniture lease for four bedroom apartments…USD 700-900/month – minimum 6 months. If you are interested in this offer we will submit a list of the items. We can provide also furniture area tour by our professional staff and negotiate for the most reasonable prices. The service will be charged by hour payment.


In a city, we visit as many suitable locations as possible. We guide expatriates some specific areas and necessary places to go such as shopping centers, sports centers and other area amenities and facilities.

Our company provides the best service for its clients and always acts only in our corporate client’s best interests. We never get any commission from any real estate agencies or related firms which counseled our clients.

  • IMF – Ankara Office
  • World Bank – Ankara Office
  • Embassy of Holland
  • Embassy of Finland
  • Embassy of Norway
  • Embassy of Japan